Photographers (blau) Series:
The series was photographed by a publicly accessible netcam in Germany.
This place, located by a water source, is a photographic "hotspot". As a quite nice historical
backdrop the place is a stage for human behavior as well.
I have been photographed the photographers over one year.
The result can be read as a contemporary new kind of "family of man", not least because the
whole family photograph today. (Work in progress) >> download pdf

Photographers (blau) 1   Photographers (blau) 2   Photographers (blau) 3   Photographers (blau) 4   Photographers (blau) 5   Photographers (blau) 6   Photographers (blau) 7   Photographers (blau) 8   Photographers (blau) 9   Photographers (blau) 10   Photographers (blau) 11   Photographers (blau) 12   Photographers (blau) 13   Photographers (blau) 14   Photographers (blau) 15   Photographers (blau) 16   Photographers (blau) 17   Photographers (blau) 18   Photographers (blau) 19   Photographers (blau) 20   Photographers (blau) 21   Photographers (blau) 22   Photographers (blau) 23   Photographers (blau) 24    

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