Usually the purpose of installing Webcams is to share information with the world,
be it by showing the beauty of a place –saying: «Look, how great
it’s out here!» – or to inform drivers about traffic situations.

Recently, however, it can be observed that there are pictures that hide
certain «sensitive» areas. Houses, facilities or other spaces are
covered with bars, coarse pixels or soft focus, in order to make these
areas unidentifiable.

Individuals as well as companies or administrations have filed complaints
with Webcam operators, demanding that they mask sensitive spots.

Now you might say that the more Webcams there are, the more of world is shown.
Yet, paradoxically, at the same time, more and more is being hidden.
Thus, new types of hybrid images emerge: pictures combining the public interest
in complete visibility with the individual, commercial or institutional right to privacy.
This ultimately leads to the question: Where does the image end and where
do the intrusions into our private lives begin?
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